Help us name this little sweetie!

Matilda’s lamb is doing just great! Matilda is allowing her to nurse regularly – I just checked on her and she has a full tummy! She’s been crawling on top of Matilda, and I think Matilda is looking forward to taking her out for her debut in the field. We’ll probably wait until Friday, after the nasty storms predicted for tomorrow.

So…this little one needs a name. Initially the kids wanted to call her Daisy because she’s white and cute. But after spending so much time with her Saturday night and Easter Sunday, the name Lily came to me as seemingly appropriate. The girls suggested we do a poll, and they photoshopped this picture with the choices. Leave us a comment and cast your vote!


One Reply to “Help us name this little sweetie!”

  1. Robin, Roy and beautiful family.I loved the photos! Congratulations to the new additions to the Kerlin family.God Bless all the new arrivals.Cathy

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