Millie’s keeping us guessing

OK, now that Millie seems WAY past her due date, we’re starting to wonder if she was bred later on in the winter. As soon as we put the ram in with her and Roxanne, we saw Millie bred — then 2 weeks later we saw her bred a second time (sheep estrous cycles last 13-19 days, and their heat cycle lasts only about 28hrs)…meaning she didn’t conceive the first time, and so we shifted her due date to sometime last weekend. Had she been bred the second time around, she should have lambed by now (unless something has gone awry!) SO, now we’re wondering if perhaps she wasn’t bred until her third heat, which probably should have occurred around Christmas eve…which would shift her due date to next weekend – May 14-16. So that’s my theory…either something’s not right, and she may still lamb this weekend, or we’re looking at a due date of next weekend, and so only time will tell!

I’m thinking that all of this may seem incredibly boring to you, but for those who are wondering, that’s my theory! I think I’ll sleep a little sounder tonight, and might enjoy a bit of a sleep-in for Mother’s Day, hoping for Millie’s lambs next weekend!

Happy Mother’s Day to all of you Mothers!


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