Are you my mother?

One of the cutest things to watch is when a lamb suddenly realizes he doesn’t know where Mom is.  Of course she, like all moms, has eyes in the back of her head seems to know where her lambs are and when the lamb’s call for Mom is urgent, and when it’s not and she can go right on munching grass.  Obviously, this was one of those moments, as she’s up on the hill with a couple of other ewes, eating to her heart’s content!  Of course the lamb doesn’t seem THAT upset either, as he distracts himself with the chickens and a brieflie down.  But in the end, he spots his sister getting up from a nap and makes a bee line for her, in turn finding Mom.  By the way, it was everything I could do not to turn off the camera and go pick him up and carry him to her! (sorry about the background noise – it’s SO windy here today!)

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