His and Hers

We have two tractors.  Well, three if you count a lawn tractor as a tractor.  

I don’t.

Our plan was, when we moved here, to have a tractor as soon as possible.  Something about having more than 10 acres of land drives a man to want another motorized vehicle, preferably one that runs on diesel.  How could I disagree?  We had lots of grass, brush and rocks everywhere when we moved in, and our old lawn tractor LITERALLY just wasn’t going to “cut” it!  

So within a couple of months of moving in, we purchased a nice, low hours New Holland 25HP tractor with a mid-mount mower and a nice big bucket on the front.  It was all we would ever need here…so we thought.



But actually, it did serve us well for the first two years.  

We plowed the driveway…


We bought a nice rototiller to go with it the second year we were here.  That made tilling our large garden a breeze!  

Then we got a post hole digger…AFTER Roy had dug in all of the posts of our first enclosed pasture!  But we knew there would be more holes to dig, and there were…and there still are!

Here it is waiting to move in to the new barn…



it never did make it there, but we’ll get to that later…


We built roads…


Moving rocks is a BIG thing here in North STONington.  We would drive along with the tractor, bucket lowered, filling it with rocks as we walked through our field.  

We even used it once to deliver a couple of coolers of beer to our barn-raising crew:


But then we found the BIG rocks…and the BIG trees.  

And suddenly, Roy got that itch for a bigger tractor.  It’s kinda like a mid-life crisis for a practical, Christian gentleman farmer – but instead of the Porche, you get a bigger tractor.

I know.

A farmer friend of ours had once told us to give him a call if we were thinking of getting a bigger tractor.  This was after he saw saliva dripping from Roy’s mouth when he brought HIS big red tractor over to brush cut the lot next to ours.  

He knew.

You see, once a man has a tractor…it’s just like when a man gets a boat.  He wants a bigger tractor (boat).  He just does.  

So our farmer friend KNEW what would eventually happen.  He quietly waited for what he knew would eventually happen.  

And then I made the phone call.

“Hey.  You said that if we ever wanted to get a new tractor to call you – that you might have some good ideas of how we can save some money.”

“Yep.  Well, you can check craiglist – or go to the auctions.  Yah…I was actually thinkin’ of upgrading myself.  I ‘need’ more horse power.”

“Um.  Do you guys EVER stop wanting a bigger tractor?!  I’m starting to see a pattern here!”

“Of course not.”  (well, actually he used a bit more colorful language, if memory serves me)

“So if you’re interested…I guess Roy kind of liked my tractor — if he’s interested, he could buy mine for what they’d give me for a trade…”

The rest is history.  

The plan was – buy this red tractor (read “red Porche”, for those who understand that better in terms of mid-life crisis purchases) and sell the “old” blue one (read “dilapidated homely blue minivan”.)  

Here’s Roy driving his new 55HP diesel breathing dragon home past the hardware store in North Stonington Village  (Porche-people, picture in your mind’s eye…it’s a “convertible”, and he has the top down)…



Long story short, a couple of months went by and the blue tractor remained unsold — all we had were a couple of low offers.

We decided to keep it, and so now you know why we now have his and hers tractors, mine in the garage, and Roy’s in the barn, where mine was supposed to live!

And I’ve pretty much made Roy sign a statement that he would no longer need a bigger tractor…our farmer friend has said the same thing (not sure if his wife got a signature on that)…but I have to say, knowing men and their diesel breathing friends, I’m not at all
convinced — because some day our 55HP won’t be enough, and our friend will be wanting to upgrade his 75HP beast…and you know the rest of the story…

One Reply to “His and Hers”

  1. Yeah – and as hay goes…my husband ALSO looks longingly a the lots adjacent and across from ours. Obviously second only to the desire for a tractor is the desire for your own hay field…of course THEN you have to have all of the implements to cut and bale it!There is something to be said for the old fashioned way. Our friends use oxen to pull a hay cutter – then a cart onto which they pitch the hay. Until they built their barn, they stacked it the European way. Now they pick it up and bring it into the loft loose – no bales! They have been challenging us to scythe our back field of clover and alfalfa and dry and store it, but we’re not there yet!Hope you are able to get your tractor! Looking at how nice your farm is on your blog, it’s no wonder your hubby has big muscles -if he’s been doing all that without a tractor!

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