We will never forget

It was a gorgeous Sunday today!  


Our day began, though, by remembering the victims (and their families) of that terrible attack on our country 10 years ago.  We explained to our children who had not been born yet, and reminded those who had.  It was hard for them to even conceive of such a thing happening, and yet it indeed did.  


Eternal rest grant unto them, O Lord.  May they rest in peace.


We also salute all of the emergency personnel who risked their lives in the line of duty that day.  Now that our son is a firefighter, I have an even greater appreciation for these men and women.  May God bless and protect them.




Here at the farm now we’re gearing up for shearing soon, so I thought I’d get some pictures of their rapidly lengthening fleeces before their gone!


Monty greeted me first.  I realized I need some new pictures of him.  He’s really looking quite stately these days compared to his baby pictures!



Boomer is SO hard to photograph!  Like a puppy dog, he makes a b-line to me as soon as he spots me.  Either that, or he has his head down, munching!  I did manage to get this neat action shot of him.




Millie ALWAYS makes her way over as soon as she can.  She has to see if I have food.




OH great…here’s Boomer again!




This is our “Mini Millie” — Fatima…she is the spitting image of her Ma.  I thought she looked so dainty and feminine in this shot.




Here’s Boomer’s sister, Bruna.  I LOVE her fleece!




Hello, Roxanne!



“Daisy Cam”  Can you get any closer, Daisy?



With all of the rain, you’re looking nice and white these days!



And so is your mom, Matilda!



Laverne and Shirley are looking awesome!  Can’t wait to see their fleece when it comes off!  Their fleeces could easily be combined to make a LOT of gray lambswool yarn!



Their mom, Molly, will have fleece as nice as ever!  Hers was snagged up quickly at the sheep and wool fleece sale last winter!  She also gave us the biggest fleece, and from the looks of her, she’s
working on keeping that honor this year!




Bindi (Boomer and Bruna’s mom), too, is quite striking with the deep contrast of black to gray.



I’ll leave you with Daisy’s magazine cover pose…She even stood there long enough for me to get a couple of snaps!  




Don’t forget to contact us with your fleece orders for this fall!

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