Denison Farm Market

What a great day we had at the Denison Farm Market today as guest vendors!  We met so many wonderful and interesting people!


One woman who visited our stand actually lived in Iceland for a year while with the Navy!  She told us of all of the wonderful knit products she purchase while she was there – traditional Icelandic sweaters in natural colors and some with dyed wool, mittens, gloves, shawls.


Well you can imagine my surprise when I was sitting there carding and I looked up an hour or so later and saw her walking over to me with tote bags in her hands!  She had driven home and brought all of those gorgeous items with her to show us what beautiful things our fleece can make!


I had to snap lots of photos, of course!



This beatiful traditional Icelandic pattern was from all natural colors that we have here at our farm!  We held up a lock of Bruna’s moorit fleece to the brown and it was a  perfect match!




Apparently the real Icelandic people prefered the natural wool colors, but they would dye some for sweaters for the tourists.  This sweater has some nice sky blue in it.



Look at the pattern!



Here is one she had custom made for her.




Here’s a snugly warm cardigan.






A much finer knit glove.



And shawls crocheted out of a very fine yarn.




We sent lots of children away with fists full of wool.  We had shelties visit – one young one who is hoping to be a real sheep dog some day – they had a sniff of the wool – and we even sent the puppy’s person home with a sample of wool for ongoing training!


We had some knitters visit who just weren’t up to spinning their own wool yet, but loved the colors and texture of the fleece.  It is to these people, who we were pleased to meet, that I wanted to sa
y, in retrospect, that you don’t have to be a spinner to buy raw fleece!  There are actually a few wool mills here in CT that are willing to process individual fleeces into yarn for you!  One that has come highly recommended to us is Fibers 4 Ewe in Putnam, CT.  So if any of you are interested in trying this, just give us a call!  


I know that a few of you took our card today and hope to come out for a visit.  We look forward to hearing from you!  Just give us a call and we can set up a farm visit!


Thanks again to the Denison Farm Market for having us as guests today.  They were very welcoming and supportive!  We were blessed to be amongst such talented and devoted individuals!




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  1. We’ve never been to the Denison market. It doesn’t look like a typical farmers market, it looks more like a fair! It seems we’ve been missing out on the fun…

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