Finally! Spinning lessons!

No.  I’m not talking about THAT sort of spinning – the one that makes you sweat and fade from exhaustion…the one that is trending these days…


THIS is what I’m talkin’ about!




The girls and I are heading over to FiberArts Studio in Stonington today to have spinning school with the studio’s owner, Lola Liepold.  Her studio is primarily a weaving studio.  Lola has quite the collection of looms!  And even though Lola has been a shepherdess herself, she’s not just weaving wool!  Have a look at her Facebook page – they’ve been weaving velvet, silks and even having kids weave chair seats!  And Lola told me the other day she’s trying other fibers like bamboo and sugar cane!  Talk about your renewable resources!


I definitely hope to learn to weave eventually.  We’ve been given an old table loom that hopefully Lola can help us restore.  But for now I am excited to turn Matilda’s 2010 fleece into yarn before Christmas!



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