Shotgun wedding

Wedding bells rang today at Morning Star Meadows!   We noticed a couple of lovesick sheep this morning when we turned the ewes out into the back pasture and Bindi couldn’t seem to tear herself away from visiting Monty through the fence.  


Knowing that it would be about 3 wks before she would be in heat again, we decided to move up the wedding day from Thanksgiving to today.  Monty and Bindi were quite pleased with the arrangement.  


So, Monty’s harem includes Bindi, Millie and Matilda.  Boomer is with Molly, and Drover is with Roxanne.  We have good reasons for our matchmaking, and are hopeful that we’ll have lots of healthy, beautiful twins.


First lambs should hit the ground around April 10th if Bindi conceived today.  Can’t wait to meet them!

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