Nuno felting

I love to learn about new things to do with wool from our customers!


Last month I had a customer from St. Louis, MO contact us for a fleece.  She runs an Etsy shop called Wooly Worms and makes felted dreadlock hair extensions, felted animals and scarves and other wearable art.  




All of her items are hand-dyed with ecofriendly materials.  She purchased Monty’s fleece and plans to spin it into for yarn for herself.


This week I was contacted by Anh Sawyer.  She and her husband Philip are both multidisciplinary artists in Providence, RI.  You can read about them here.  Just scroll down until you see their picture.




What a pleasure to meet them both this morning!  


Anh (who is also a published author and speaker) told me that she had been studying a relatively new felting technique called Nuno Felting.  It was developed by an Australian woman and is becoming more and more popular from what I’m reading, and looking at some finished products, I can certainly see why!




Wool – dyed or undyed – is felted onto sheer fabrics such as silk to create a gauze-like, drapeable garment such as this beautiful shawl.


Can you just imagine the possibilities?!  


I can’t wait to see what she makes!  I could see the creative wheels spinning in both of their heads while they were here at the farm- as she was stretching out the fibers from Laverne in her hand I could tell that her mind was looking ahead at what she would create.  She had intended to get whilte and dye it, but as she was looking at the white she was thinking of keeping the natural creamy off-white color.  


Philip was inspired by the black/grey of Laverne’s fleece because it was in keeping with many of the black linen items he creates in his fine line of clothing, so what else could they do but take home a little of that as well as some of the white fleece?!


By the way, if you’re in the Newport, RI area Dec. 9th, you might want to stop by and say “hello” to them at the grand opening of their gallery store!


I am so pleased to have made a connection with them and look forward to our Icelandic wool being a part of more of their work!




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