The Other Woman….. A word from the other half….


As a part-time farmer and husband of a very devoted shepherdess, I am quite used to being relegated to taking a back seat to a flock of needy sheep! But recently this has reached a new low when “Queen Millie” recently developed a malady which required attention on a regular basis. As I understood it from the Hollywood tabloids, it was the guy who was supposed to be neglecting home duties because of an interloping female.  So how was it that I was the one eating solitary breakfasts watching Millie from the porch get hand fed a variety of succulent (from the ovine perspective) morsels? 

The whole sorry affair (haha) started like this.  Oldest son and Robin (shepherdess extrordinaire) went down to catch her one day, when she seemed to be limping, and check her feet, assuming she had bruised a hoof or something, but when they found nothing they were perplexed.  But upon further examination there it was…

Somehow she had developed a nasty skin infection on the abdomen that needed twice daily treatment.  In addition, she had lost a lot of weight since she had been able to hide this from us for some time. Now Milly is getting on in years, and as one of our best genetic stock who is hopefully incubating some very well-bred off-spring, Robin was determined to nurse her back to health and build her back up to assist her in facing the rigors of upcoming motherhood (for the 6th or 7th time!) this spring.

So as I sit and ponder my situation, I wonder if I should consider developing an ailment of some sort.  Not life-threatening or anything like that, but perhaps enough to warrant breakfast in bed, or at least a beer in the easy chair. After all, I produced a few nice off-spring myself, so I think I deserve it.  But in all fairness I suppose Robin also helped a little with that so my argument may not fly. Whattya think? 

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