2012 Lambs

We had a wonderful batch of lambs in 2012 and have sold all that were available.  Drifa, Kemba, and Freyja are enjoying a year of carefree growth in anticipation of breeding this fall.


Quite a bit of AI Icelandic genetics comes from sire and dam in this breeding, which resulted in healthy, colorful triplets!

Ram, solid moorit, triplet, horns (possibly heterozygous for polled gene).


A bit smaller than his black and white brother, this little guy is very inquisitive and is growing nice horns.  His recessive moorit color will make excellent fleece and bring moorit into your flock if you have any recessive genes in your ewes.

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Ram, spotted black and white, triplet, small horns so far.

This guy is growing well — probably a bit more foreward at the “milk bar”!


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KEMBA, CLRC registered, spotted black and white ewe, triplet, horns with polled background


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Here’s Kemba as a yearling:



triplets out of:

Sire:  Monty  JAGER RAM B5SH 418X

Dam:  Bindi   JAGER AI EWE B2H 315W

These are our homozygous horned lambs this year.  Both are growing solid, thick sets of horns.  Both are white with heavy phaeomelanin pigmentation to their fleeces, which so far are thick, silky, crimpy and luxurious!  Both have taken after their parents, with great parasite resistance so far this year.  These twins carry AI genetics through their sire, and Solee (Jager Farm foundation ewe) genetics through both sire and dam – whose genetics we are trying to preserve.

EINAR, Ram, white, horned (homozygous), twin.  Growing very well, over 50lbs at the 12 week mark on mom’s milk and pasture, excellent horns and conformation.  He would make an excellent herd sire, bringing some of Jager Farm’s most excellent genetics to your flock.


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DRIFA, Ewe, white, horned (homozygous), twin, very friendly and outgoing, she would love to be petted all day long and even snuggles up and practically lies in my lap!


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Drifa as a yearling…she is currently for sale in the 2012-2013 season:




Sire:  Drover   MORNSTAR DROVER 01H 208Y

Dam:  Roxanne  JAGER EWE 01H 430X



All we can say is that this ewe is definitely eye catching!  Her solid grey is just beautiful, long and thick, and the grey is especially visible under her jawline and upper chest.  She is tall and solid, with a really nice head carriage — she just looks like she knows she’s gorgeous and flaunts it!  She was 11lbs at birth and over 40lbs at the 12 week mark on mom’s milk and pasture, out of our biggest ewe.  Quite a bit of AI genetics from both sire and dam.  She has had excellent parasite resistance so far this year.

FREYJA, Ewe, grey, solid, some flashing, single, horns


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Freya as a gorgeous yearling…we LOVE her fleece!


DSC01337 DSC01338

Sire:  Boomer  MORNSTAR BOOMER B5H 206Y

Dam:  Molly  JAGER AI EWE B2H 236U

We love Matilda, and she has thrown a very nice singleton ram lamb this year.  He’s big and solid and thriving with great parasite resistance so far.  He’s growing a great solid black fleece, and his horns are growing in well.  Lots of AI genetics through both sire and dam.

Ram, black, solid single, horns (probably heterozygous) SOLD

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Sire:  Monty JAGER RAM B5SH 418X

Dam:  Matilda  JAGER AI EWE 01H360W

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