Shameless advertising…

Dinner last night was AWESOME!


Saturday was a wash-out weatherwise, so we took the opportunity to visit the Stonington Farmer’s Market.  


Some of the kids were begging for Kelly dogs from Stonyledge Farm, so we brought home Kelly dogs (hotdog-sized kielbasa) and all beef franfurters and enjoyed them last night.


Here are some pics…




Are you hungry yet?




Well, this one ought to do it!





And the BEST thing about these all-natural sausages is that they are nitrite and nitrate free!  They’re also made from all meat — no animal by-products!  You really KNOW what you’re eating — they’re not just ground up pig or cow bits!


We’ve actually been enjoying a variety of Stonyledge meat products lately.  We purchased a side of beef and have a whole hog in our freezer now.  


When I bit into my first Stonyledge hamburger, I had one of those “taste” memories sparked.


You know how certain smells can evoke memories from 30 years ago?  Well, the taste of that hamburger immediately was familiar to me — but not because it tasted like the hamburgers I’ve become accustomed to, but because it actually tasted like the hamburger of my youth!


The other beef cuts are equally flavorful!


As for the pork — I kind of wondered what to expect when we grilled our first chops.  I could actually tell a difference even in the raw meat — much more fresh feeling than the supermarket pork.  The chops were moist and tender — none of that dryness that you get used to with the pork chops from the store.  The country style ribs melted in our mouths!  Their bacon is also nitrate/nitrite free — thick cut and oh-so-tasty!  The hams are lower in nitrates/nitrites than the average ham, and for what they thankfully lack in preservatives, they make up for in taste and texture.  The hams at the supermarket are so pumped up with salt water that the integrity of the meat is no longer meat-like!  Not so with these hams!


And don’t even get me started on how amazing a fresh pastured chicken is!  You read about that in a previous blog post.  They sell whole broiler chickens whenever available.  The store-bought chickens don’t even begin to compare!


Anyway — I guess what I’m saying is that you simply MUST try some of their meat some time!  You can call them at the farm, visit them at the Stonington Farmer’s Market, where you can buy individual packages, or order via the CT farm fresh website.  They also sell CSA shares of their meats.  


I promise that you won’t be disappointed!  There truly is a difference!  You will get healthy, tasty meat that’s good for you.  And there is nothing like supporting small farms in the process!



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