Preparing the chick "nursery"

There used to be a day in Roy and my life when “getting the nursery ready” meant assembling a crib and painting the walls pink or blue.  As those days seem to have gone behind us, getting ready for babies has a whole new meaning!


Of course our first babies to arrive this year will be the lambs in April.  That involves it’s own level of preparation, as we detailed last year on the blog.


We’re taking advantage of the winter months to get things ready for spring.  This weekend’s project is to build a brooder for the chicks that will be arriving in a few months.


When the chicks arrive they will only be days old.  They won’t be ready for going out in the chicken tractor for a couple of weeks, so they’ll be living in our basement under a heat lamp.


This was such a nice, simple project for the younger kids to do, with Daddy’s help on the table saw of course.


Here’s the project, from start to finish:




All it needs is some nice pine shavings, a heat lamp, water jug, feeder and 50 red broiler chicks and we’ll be set!

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