Fixin’ to die…

Just discovered one of our older hens feeling pretty poorly.  We’ve brought her in and given her antibiotics, syringed her a little antibiotic laced water (after I made sure she could swallow), and left her under a heat lamp.  We’re leaving her tonight in the basement with a wish and a prayer and a pretty guarded prognosis.


One Reply to “Fixin’ to die…”

  1. Update…time of death, 7:38pm. Necropsy performed. (Yep, Roy’s a pathologist, so that’s a no-brainer!)Looks like she was "Egg bound" at some time. There were 2 broken and poorly calcified eggs ready to be laid. One looked as if it had been there for a while. Not sure there was much more we could have done. It’s more common in older hens.

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