Spring lambs and fleeces

We had a wonderful time at the CT Sheep, Wool and Fiber Festival this year!  Well over 200 fleeces were offered for sale at the consignment sale this year!  




Of the 16 fleeces we took this year, 8 were sold, including the 3 remaining fall fleeces.  


Of the 8 fleeces which remained, we decided to send 4 off with Liz from Fibers 4 Ewe in Putnam, to be processed into grey and white pin drafted roving!  We will be blending fleeces from Bindi and Laverne for the grey, and Matilda and her daughter, Daisy, for the white.  It should be ready in a couple of months, and then we will offer this roving (if I don’t start spinning it myself!) for sale to our spinning customers!  I’m so excited to see it!  


If anyone would like to pre-order this roving, let us know, and we can even ask Liz to dye the white to whatever color your heart desires!


The lambs are doing great so far!  Matilda’s ram is becoming more curious, and will come up to me to check me out if I’m patiently sitting in the pasture long enough.  Bindi’s triplets are, as the oldest, the most rambunctious.  They are already running to the morning grain ration for the ewes, trying to get a nibble at a few pellets here and there!


Here are some candids of the happy families, including Monty checking out his progeny through the fence!


Molly and her strapping grey ewe lamb out of Boomer.




Roxanne and her twins, ram and ewe, out of Drover.




Her ram has already found the water trough!




A close-up of the handsome boy, a Solee great-grandson on both the dam and sire’s pedigrees.  His horns are already looking impressive for a lamb his age!




Solid moorit triplet ram lamb, out of AI ewe, Bindi, and 3/4 AI ram, Monty.   




Monty, checking out one of the triplets.  Boomer had to see them, too!





Bindi and family.  She is doing a super job with triplets!




We still have 4 raw fleeces for sale.  Monty’s is by far the best as far as quality and quantity.  He produced just over 2 pounds this spring, and the entire fleece is for sale at $32, and includes both white and black wool.  




If you’re looking for a smaller, all white (but phaeomelanin tinted) fleece, Drover’s your man. Being much smaller than Monty, his spring fleece, heavily skirted, weighed in at 0.7lb and is priced at $11.




Portions of Bruna and Esther’s fleeces are a bit shorter and would be excellent for felting projects, especially with Bruna’s chocolaty brown moorit fleece!Each fleece is priced at $9.




Please contact us if you are interested in any or all of these fleeces!  We can give discounts for multiple purchases.

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