We interrupt this day for an important delivery!

This past Saturday was like most Saturdays here at the farm…busy!  


We worked the sheep in the morning, put up portable electric fencing in the front yard for them to start their lawnmowing routine, escaped a little of the mid-day heat with a trip to Tractor Supply with our coveted 10% off coupon, then returned for some garden work and fencing of the “back 40”  (well, actually more like the back “3”). 


We had sent the kids up for dinner, and Roy and I had just installed a gate on the new fence we’ve nearly finished down the back.  We were planning to install a wheel on the bottom of the gate and call it a night when, around 6:30pm Roy was summoned to the phone to speak to our hay supplying friends at Valley View Farm in Clarks Falls.


They had a hay wagon full of beautiful second cut hay with our name on it and wanted to know if they could deliver it…in about 20 minutes!  


How could we refuse?  They had been haying all day and had to unload the wagon, so why handle it twice when they could just pack it in our barn?


Tired as we were – greatly fatigued by the heat of the day, which was starting to dissipate with the arrival of some cloud cover — we sprung into action, assisted by nearly every family member.


We still had about 100 bales from last year that needed to be moved from the loft and stacked on the first floor.  Not to mention, we realized that the lovely sheep grazing in our front yard were fenced over the road that the hay wagon would need to travel upon!


About 30 minutes later – maybe less – the hay was stacked, the sheep were moved, the fences were relocateded and gates were open in anticipation of the hay, which soon arrived!


Hay wagon’s here…



Following it down to the barn…




Excited children…




Excited Daddy…




Backing up to the loft door…




A little further…




Ready to roll…




These guys have to be so tired after haying all day!








Artsy-smartsy picture…




Last bale in place…




And so ends another “routine” day at Morning Star Meadows!

(cue the cricket chirping…)

‘Night John-boy!




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