Great day for digging in the dirt

Today was supposed to be a washout with wind and storms.  I was looking forward to it.  Rain for the garden and pastures — lightning and hail to keep us from having to do lots of chores outside in the muggy weather!  


So what was I to do?  


When the weather gets tough, the tough get baking!


I wanted to use up some of our sourdough starter that I fed a couple of days ago along with some of the whey leftover from yesterday’s ricotta adventure.  


I threw a sweet bread into the bread machine, then after it had mixed and raised once, I grabbed the dough and assaulted it with cinnamon, sugar, butter and raisins.


Here’s what resulted from that!




After lunch I realized that this rain was going to be another non-event.  So now what?  


I had a look at “the list” and saw that the potatoes needed to be harvested.  That huge chore was going to be saved for Saturday, but as the week has progressed, more and more chores were being added to Saturday’s dance card, so I thought perhaps we could knock this one off the list.  After all, I had wanted an overcast day for this chore, and it couldn’t really be done in the rain or right after a storm.  Conditions were perfect.


First, scroll back a couple of months to April.  Remember all of those seed potatoes, 50 pounds, nicely cut and ready to be planted?




Well, those lovely spuds ended up giving us an incredible yield!


We grabbed gloves, a pitchfork, a wheelbarrow and the camera and “dug in.”


3 hours later we had 400 lbs of Kennebec potatoes on our front porch and sweaty, dirty kids (and mom) hitting the shower!


Here’s the play by play…


Dig under with the pitchfork…




Lift it and move it over to the side for children to hunt through for taters…it’s actually fun…(for a little while!)




Get a look at that gorgeous soil!  That there’s potato growing stuff!




All finished!




The pile of spent plants…




Having fun arranging them on our front porch to dry out (yeah right, in the impending thunderstorms and high winds tonight, if they ever happen!)




Quite a sight!


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