An abundance of food!

I can now officially say that most of the food on our table is being grown right here at Morning Star Meadows Farm!


This past Sunday was a perfect example of that.  We had 2 of our red broiler chickens, doused in an herbed marinade and accompanied by pickled beets, parsely potatoes,  and roasted zucchini/peppers/tomatoes.  


Everything is so fresh and flavorful, it’s hard to believe it’s all healthy, too!


We’ve been doing a lot of picking, preparing, and processing for the freezer this week.


We’ve picked the last of our sweet corn.  Some we’ve had fresh on the cob, and some we’ve blanched, removed from the cob and frozen.





The tomatoes are coming at a steady pace.  Here’s our favorite way to prepare them.




Or, if you don’t mind turning on the oven…



We also made a couple of different sauces this week.  This one is made from cherry tomatoes, and takes it’s color primarily from sweet sun gold cherry tomatoes.

Tastes as good as it looks!





We’ve harvested most of our first planting of onions – red, yellow, sweet…




Oh yeah – and this arrived in the mail late last week…





Alas, poor Clancy.  We knew him well.  

Clancy was one of our first rams and he passed away about this time last year.  We saved his pelt in the freezer and processed it this spring and sent it to Bucks County Tannery in PA.  They did a beautiful job.  You really have to really see it and feel it to appreciate how nice it is!


Out in the garden, here’s what’s happening.


Firstly, we’re so blessed to have GREEN fields in August!  Normally it’s downright crunchy out there, but the heavy rains we had a week or so ago have really brought things back to life!




Here’s the sweet potato patch.  The vines have totally claimed this space as their own!




This summer the bunnies were really making a dent in the garden, so here’s a new addition to our fencing.  We’ve run 2 ft high chicken fencing around the perimeter to reinforce the deer netting through which the rabbits could chew and wiggle under.  Seems to be helping so far.





Here’s a jungle of Argonaut style butternut squash.  These are the ginormous butternuts that we harvested here last year.  There are tiny squash all over the place in there that we will have to hunt for in a month or so!





The battle of the vines, which always starts happening this time of year.  Here the sweet potatoes meet the Argonaut squash vines.






The Brussels sprouts are starting to form.  Still very tiny.  The cabbage worms have done some damage, and we’ve subsequently treated them with some organic bacterial byproducts that are toxic to these worms, but harmless to us.






There’s at least one more harvesting of beets left in the ground…





Here’s’ what’s left of the corn.  It’s all been harvested, and we’re letting the plants die off to become fall decorating accessories!





The current lettuce patch…





The cantaloupe patch.  VERY prolific this year!



And VERY large!




We’re still picking a few pounds of green beans each week.  Some we blanch and freeze, and some we just can’t help but eat right away!




Our grape vine is doing really well!  It really deserves the honor of a proper trellis, though.  Maybe next year…







It’s really been our best tomato year ever!  We finally learned that we don’t need to water nearly as often as we thought, so the plants seem to be doing better and are really laden with fruit.





We’re getting lots of compliments on the cucumbers we planted this year.  They’re a lot like the English slicing cucumbers.





Zucchini plants doing what they love to do.  Making gobs of zucchini that they try to hide from you until they get so big you trip over one!





And here’s something we’re all patiently waiting to have ripen!




There must by 15 or more sugar baby watermelons in this patch!





Yes, the weeds are still fighting, but now that the plants are established, the weeds are losing the battle!  The garden is looking just great overall!





Up at the house, in the midst of our flowerbeds we have our herbs.











And what I like to call “The Basil Orchard”!

And so the sun sets on another episode of “As the Garden Grows”…

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