My brown eyed girls…

Two beautiful girls left home for Massachusetts this afternoon!  


Bindi and Laverne will now live with their new owner and their livestock guardian dog, Asu (Peaceful), in the Berkshires.  



Bindi will be missed for her beautifully crimpy and contrasted grey fleece and her prolific lambing.




Laverne will be missed for her striking size and beauty, with her large white neck ruff and sizeable horns.




When their new owner arrived, he brought their new pal, Asu, a Great Pyrenees crossed with an Anatolian Shepherd.



At only 4 months, this boy is sure to grow big enough to fend off those coyotes or even bears that might make the mistake of crossing his path!  It’s good to know the girls will have great protection in their new home.  


Here he is in pursuit of a dangerous fluttering moth…




I’m not too sure the girls were that happy about him, though…




Nor were the others…but they were very curious!




Except Boomer, who sometimes thinks he’s a dog anyway!




I know that eventually the girls will be right at home with him, especially if he gets an opporutunity to defend them!


Ready to roll…bye-bye brown-eyed girls!  Happy landing!



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