When life gives you grapes…

Concord grapes grow wild around here…so wild that the vines can actually kill trees as they vine up and smother them from light!  


But as bad as those vines can be, they yield a delicious, sweet native grape that every kid who’s ever eaten a good old American PB and J with a glass of Welch’s grape juice can attest to!


I’ve been eyeing up a vine laden with ripe grapes over the past week of my walking along our road, so yesterday we brought the whole family and ended up quickly picking over 6 lbs of delicious sweetness!




I looked up a recipe for grape jam and found an old fashioned recipe that required no pectin because it relied on the natural pectin found in the grape skins.




We started popping the pulp from the skins and cooking things down, straining out seeds and adding some sugar, and viola!  Over 4 pints of grape jam for the cost of a bit of sugar!


SOOO yummy!




Want a bite?



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