All tucked in for the night



Roy and I are calling it a day (wearing our matching Carhartt socks!), resting up for the big day tomorrow.  


The sheep are tucked in for the night in the barns — girls in the big barn and boys in the smaller one.  We’ve separated the flocks for now because with the cooler fall temperatures, the boys start getting ideas, and the girls will soon follow suit.  Since we’d rather not have lambs in February or March, we keep them separated for a bit longer.


We generally don’t put them in the barns at night, but to avoid them being wet from the dew overnight, we’ve got them in so they’re dry and fluffy in the morning…


They don’t know it yet, of course, but tomorrow they will get their fall haircuts!  


More photos to follow, if we’re not too exhausted by this time tomorrow!


Nighty night…

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