Thanks to Fibers 4 Ewe fiber mill for giving us a head start by processing some of our raw spring 2012 fleeces into roving, I’ve produced our first yarn made from our own Icelandics!  




We processed roving from Molly and Shirley’s fleeces (mother and daughter) to make this soft steely grey yarn in single and bulky 2 ply versions.  


Can’t wait to get started on Daisy’s white roving next!  And then there’s all the knitting to be done!


Thank goodness for the quiet winter nights by the woodstove…

The Nuptuals……..

Yesterday was wedding day at Morning Star Meadows.  We’ll give you a behind the scenes look.


What the grooms are thinking…




Boomer: “Hey Drove, that big dude with the deep voice is yelling at us again.  Dontcha just want to pop him one?!”  




Drover: “Yeah, I know what ya mean Booms’, but he packs a mean wallop himself, so we’d better move I guess.  Anyway where’s he wantin’ us to go?”  

Boomer:  “Dunno Drover-boy, but if it’s anywhere closer to those beautiful ewes I’m all for it!”




Drover:  “Hehe, me too”


The boys then had their pre-wedding pedicures…Not quite a trip to the spa, but…



Boomer: “OK, well that was a bit demeaning, being flipped upside down and having me toenails clipped!  




Drover: “Haha Boomer, you looked funny on your back!”

Boomer: “Why…I….orta……” And beside, you got a pedicure yourself ya big pansy!”




Drover:  “Hey look – they’re bringing the girls over,,,,,,   Woah didja get a gander at that cute little Shirley?!  I’d sure like to 2-ply that wool!”




Shirley:  “Did he just say what I think he said!?” 


What the brides-to-be are thinking…




Daisy:  “Hi Boomer.  What’s new with ewe?  Teehee – can’t help but be a bit punny!”


They arrive at the “spa”, waiting for their pedicures, wondering what’s up…



We first attend to Boomer’s brides, Millie, Fatima and Molly.  We then introduce them to Boomer.  And may I add, we expect the patter of little hoofbeats from Fatima’s and Millie’s lamb(s) on or around April 14th!  So far Molly has been a bit of a wallflower…




Meanwhile in the other paddock, Drover is courting his ewes…



Daisy: Thank goodness he has to stop to eat once in a while.  He is sooo annoying!  But I will admit he is a handsome boy.

Shirley:  I know! And I think he likes me… Teehee….

Bruna:  But I saw him first…. Teeheehee…..




Roxanne: Hey Girls, don’t encourage him.  This is my second breeding season,  and let me tell you, its….., its…..pause………. hey don’t you just love the way his horns curl at the end?  Move over kids, I think he prefers a more “mature” ewe.


If all goes well, Daisy and Roxanne will be lambing within a day or so of Fatima and Mille.  Boy it’s going to be a busy, excit
ing place around here come mid April!


And we let the scene fade discretely away to the tune of “The Wedding Song”, as the happy newlywed ewes discuss the many advantages of their ram.




“Wedded bliss” its not, but somehow everything seems right on Morning Star Meadows these days!


We at Morning Star Meadows Farm hereby annouce the official “Betrothals of the Broodstock” for the 2012-2013 season!


Sir Boomer, son of Bindi and Monty, will be wedded to

Lady Millie, daugther of Solee,

Mistress Fatima, daughter of Millie, and

Lady Molly, his bride of last year.


Sir Drover, son of Clancy and Millie, will be wedded to

Mistress Shirley, daughter of Molly and Monty,

Mistress Daisy, daughter of Matilda an Monty,

Mistress Bruna, daughter of Bindi and Monty, and

Lady Roxanne, his bride of last year.


Wedding is expected to take place on or about November 22nd.  

For wedding gift ideas, please consult the bridal registry at your local Tractor Supply Company.






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