A shepherd’s quilt

A new craft has taken hold of the everyone here!

Yesterday an article came up on a Facebook feed “9 uses for recycled sweaters” and I had to click on it.  

After our fun with making felted sweater mittens last year, I wanted to see what other ideas there might be for the collection of old wool sweaters we had accumulated.

This one, a patchwork quilt made of hunks of felted wool sweaters, sounded just perfect!  It just seems more appropriate for us to be making wool quilts vs. cotton ones!


First there was a lot of cutting out of strips and squares.  




Dear daughter’s scary finger nails, meant to look like peppermint candies…




The ribbed knit is from the tops of my L.L. Bean socks that had worn through in the heels!




Once a few were cut from various sweaters, eldest daughter started planning the layout of the quilt on paper.


Then she started laying it out on my bedroom floor.  Lucky we just cleaned it the other day — just in time to totally mess it up again!




And now the most time consuming part – sewing the squares together!




I think I know how our evenings are going to be spent trying to get this finished by Christmas!




But it will definitely be worth it!  


Recycled warmth…hand made with love…






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