2013 Icelandic Lambs for sale

2013 was a big lambing year for Morning Star Meadows!  We currently have deposits on all of our available lambs…

We bred our largest batch of ewes to date and ended up with 6 sets of twins – 5 rams and 7 ewes!  Many were born to ewes and rams that were born and bred here on the farm, so it was neat for us to witness these first time moms come of age right before our eyes with their new lambs!  All of the ewes have had exceptional maternal qualities right from the moment their lambs hit the ground, which in turn has created healthy, happy, well adjusted lambs!

Our Scrapie free certified starter flock came to us hand-picked by Icelandic shepherdess Barbara Webb of Jager Farm, who had the first registered Icelandic flock in the United States.  Over the years Barbara bred selectively to provide high quality animals which we hope to continue in our flock here in CT.

Our ewes and lambs have been thriving on lush pastures through the spring and into the summer – the weather has been good to us.  We have been practicing intensive rotational grazing which has optimized their health, utilizing nearly every blade of grass on our property!

We also implement integrated parasite management for our entire flock, using pasture rotation, FAMACHA scoring (monitoring relative anemia by weekly examination of eyelids and treating only clinically affected animals for parasites), and administering boluses of copper oxide particles to the susceptible ewes and lambs as a protective measure against Haemonchus contortus (Barberpole worm) for the parasite season.  We can proudly say that our hard work has paid off, and that as of the end of June we have not had to treat a single animal in our flock for parasites!

Many of these lambs will be available for sale as registered Icelandic  breeding stock.  We hope that we can provide some high quality additions to your established flock or to starter flocks for new Icelandic shepherds in the New England area!  Should you have any interest in purchasing one or more of these beautiful animals, please do not hesitate to contact us, and we will help you select what best suits your needs.  Special pricing is available for multiple animal purchases!  Animals will be fully vaccinated and health checked prior to leaving our farm.

Here’s a look at our lamb crop for  2013!  Pedigrees for sires and dams can be linked to using the hyperlink associated with their name below.

Daisy’s ram lambs, by Drover.  Both are growing fast – Daisly always seems to be eating to keep up with nursing them!

Thor – SOLD


Loki – SOLD


Shirley’s ewes by Drover:

Lily -$350  SOLD

very sweet like her mom and loves a good scratch under the chin – she’s one of the first to come to me in the pasture and will even follow me around!



Rose –   $350  SOLD

a friendly, curious ewe, like her dam…this girl has more dark markings on her lips/nose/ears than her “pink” sister


She looks very much like Lily with eye shadow!  She’s also becoming very friendly!


Both lambs have dark brown eyes like their mom, something that we think adds character and warmth to the appearance of white Icelandics.

Millie’s ewes by Boomer:

Guadalupe (moorit lamb in rear corner) – very precious and quite curious – She’ll be staying on with us as these will be Millie’s last lambs – she’s going into retirement…



She’s getting so friendly!DSC01179

Missy  – SOLD


She has some faint spotting on her face and ears…



Roxanne’s ram and ewe by Drover:

Luigi — $500

wow!  What a guy!  Big and bold, nicely marked with phaeomelanin, great, solid horns (homozygous)


Lisa – $350  SOLD

I think Lisa will be a lot like her (Drifa).  She’s outgoing and curious and becoming quite friendly, nice solid horns (homozygous) and growing well.  She’ll also come to you when she’s in need of scratching or a hug…



Fatima’s ewe and ram by Boomer:

Chesta – SOLD  solid black and gorgeous, and she knows it!  She’s staying with our flock.  She is so sweet and loving!



Blissfully rumenating at the side of her dam…


Chow time…


Gorgeous fleece and very friendly!DSC01195

Unnamed ram – SOLD

Hes’ so cute – lots of black on his lips and nose and around his eyes, giving him a lot of character compared to our other white rams – and he’s got that patch of phaeomelanin on his left flank as a trademark!

He’s growing quite well with solid horns (mixed horned genetics), and very nice conformation…


Bruna’s ewe and ram by Drover:

ewe on left, ram on right – she’s very graceful and growing well!  Nearly pure white with phaeomelanin spots at the base of her ears…



Birta  $350  NOT FOR SALE

Her name is Icelandic for light or brightness.  She is so friendly!  It was hard to get a close-up photo of her because she wanted me to keep petting her!   A total LOVE!


DSC01165DSC01153 DSC01123DSC01569

ram SOLD

in front of Bruna – he’s a cutie!  Lots of color in his face!  Heterozygous for horns, so they’re tiny for now.  He’s growing well and is quite a curious and playful guy!


4 Replies to “2013 Icelandic Lambs for sale”

  1. Hi I ran across your great blog. We’re starting a farm on 40 acres of land we own in Northern Maine and I am looking to start raising icelandics next summer . I’m starting to look around for a starter flock any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!

    1. Hi Todd! Wow – sounds like an ideal location for Icelandics! So you would be making your purchase next summer? Are you looking to purchase animals from Maine? We started with 5 ewes and 2 rams – a nice mix of genetics which we feel we have enhanced through selective breeding. We would love to contribute to your starter flock if you would consider animals from “Down South” (relatively speaking!) in New England! Please feel free to email us through the contact link! Icelandics are a great choice – we can certainly vouch for that!

  2. Dear Kerlins,
    Came across your site today. It has been awhile but I want to thank you for your hospitality for the wonderful FORMACHA course that I attended at your farm.
    It was great to learn the method and fun to have hands on with your beautiful sheep.
    Thank you so much for the opportunity that you opened up to all who attended.
    Wormly ~ ~~ Lois Fulton, Manna Farm

    1. Hi Lois! Thank you so much for keeping in contact! Hope all is well with your crew! And since we last saw you we had a kind donation of some Eisenia to our farm! I was thinking of you when this kind woman brought them to us with lots of yummy compost – wondering if they were descendents from your stock! I am so happy that we were able to host that event. I wish that everyone who raised sheep and goats understood integrated parasite management. We were truly blessed to be taught by one of the best that day! Best regards! Robin

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