Snow Day

Homeschooling provides wonderful flexibility for all of the unexpected things that happen on a farm.  


It seems as though storm preparation is becoming our specialty these days!  It wasn’t that long ago that we were preparing for a hurricane!


And now a blizzard is on its way and so we took our “snow day” today and used the time off from school to make preparations for what is likely to amount to upwards of 2 feet of snow!  Once we’re snowed in we have lots of time for school, unlike the more conventionally educated folks who have to depend on the schools being open.  Our school is always open!  Even our preparations today were educational!


Firstly, yes – we have Icelandic sheep.  They are made for snow, right?  Well, yes, they can definitely handle it, but it does get a bit tough walking around in snow deeper than the tops of your legs!  


We’ve merged our ewe flocks and will be putting them in the barn.  The boys will have their 3 sided shed in which to hunker down.


The animals are of course oblivious to what’s going on.  






The sky is blue – the temperatures are above freezing – their tummies are full.




We brought the rams’ supply of hay for the next few days over to the storage shed near their pasture.  MUCH easier hauing it over today than it will be with snow drifts all around!




A plentiful stock of wood was brought into the garage for the woodstove.  If we lose power, we will defintely be depending on that stove!




The hens’ house is all clean and deeply bedded, food hopper is full as is their water.  They won’t be going outside for the next few days!




The barn is all ready for the ewes.




You can even see that blue sky reflected in their fresh water!



We tossed down a few bales from the loft, ready for the ewes’ breakfast.



“What’s all the kaffuffle?” Bruna asks.



“It’s a gorgeous day – you aren’t really going to make us go in the barn, are you?”




Hard to imagine what this place will look like in 24-36 hours!  But I guess the word “white” comes to mind!


Be safe!






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