Our Town

A very moving evening last night in our small town.


This is what I love about where we live.

About 10 percent of our small population turned out to share in the grief of a local young couple who’s lives were just turned upside down.  



Tuesday afternoon their children were picked up from daycare by their grandmother, a woman with a history of mental illness.  After she did not return the childern to their parents for several hours, an Amber alert was issued – it was said that the grandmother had a 38 revolver and was suicidal.  Our family, and many others no doubt, began to pray fervently.

About 9:30pm CT State Police investigated the report of a vehicle with a matching license plate, and the unthinkable was discovered – a double homicide-suicide.  The children were only 2  years old (his birthday was that day) and 6 months old.  I can’t even begin to imagine losing all of my children – let alone by violence – let alone by violence perpetrated by a very close relative.

Amazing words were spoken last night – words of hope…by the family’s pastor…by the father of these children, who ended his speech saying that he loved all of us, to which many replied aloud in kind and I’m certain most all replied in kind in their hearts.  The father noted that the only way they were literally able to stand on their own two feet that night was their faith in God and the prayers of others.

Take home message…bring God back into our society, treasure those around you, never take anyone for granted, tell people you love them before it’s too late because life is short. 


We were glad that we could bring our family along to this community event, an event that tore down any divisions amongst members of our community, as we were united by this tragedy – no political correctness, no speeches about gun control, just loving support. I hope that from it our children learn how much people in our community care for one another, though they may not always show it.  If there’s one thing we’ve learned since moving to New England, it’s that the “Yankee” may not always outwardly exhibit friendliness, but they would give you the shirt off their back in an instant. 


Our prayers continue for this young family, and we ask you to join your prayers to ours for Jeremy and Brenda Perry and their family.

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