Getting dirt under our nails

Today was a very full and fulfilling day!

After we finished up with vaccinating the sheep and separating the pregnant ewes from last year’s ewe lambs, we got to work on the garden.

We’ve been keeping a compost pile all year and it was time to put it into action!

Here’s a view from the tractor…










Roy and Richie got on the tractors and scooped and spread until the small tractor nearly got stuck in the very wet garden!


You can see here how awesome this stuff is!


Another load dumping…


And another…


Meanwhile the rest of us tried to stay out of the way of the tractors and harvested some root crops — parsnips and carrots that have been in since last fall…


…and New England’s most famous root crop of all – the New England Potato!


It doesn’t matter how many rocks you pick up each year, there are plenty more that pop up the following year.  Partly from erosion and partly from the freeze/thaw of the soil, there were plenty of rocks to be found!

The parsnips and carrots were perfect to put in the pot with the corned beef and cabbage!


The garlic is looking great!



And so is the rhubarb…


And I got the grapes and raspberries pruned…


We got a couple of the boys’ bluebird boxes up – there are Eastern bluebirds EVERYWHERE this year!


We also got started on making nesting boxes for the new addition to the hen house.


Here is the wood, milled from lumber from our property!


“Gee, should I use miniblinds or Roman shades on those new windows?”


All in all a very satisfying day!  And while we were busy outside, the girls were making some loverly Irish Soda Bread to accompany our St. Paddy’s dinner!


One Reply to “Getting dirt under our nails”

  1. That bread looks good! I also spent some time working with the compost today, but I think we produce it in slightly larger quantities. I am send 1-2 dump truck loads away tomorrow to be used at another local farm. We are keeping the best of the compost (aged over 18 months!) for our own planting.

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