And more twins!

Here I sit, exhausted and awaiting the next check for lambs.  

It’s raining, and thunderstorms tonight are not out of the question.

Both lambing stalls are occupied!  It will take some rearranging to fit in another patient in our labor and delivery suites!

The shepherd is sick – fever, in bed.

Sounds like the perfect storm for some late night lambings tonight!

But let’s cut to the positive!  

This morning Daisy, a first time mom, gave us an adorable set of twin white ram lambs, each big and healthy and feisty!  She quickly worked out what everything was all about and is quite attached to them!



The sun was shining, and it was warm and breezy!  We have been blessed so far with these two lambings, so we hope and pray that things continue to go well despite any obstacles tonight!

We were toying with the idea of naming yesterday’s ram Loki, however the arrival of twin brothers today changed everything!  These two born today shall be Thor and Loki!

Stay tuned for further adventures in the realm of all things cute and cuddly!

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