Finishing up lambing season with yet more twins!

Last night at about 9:30pm we finally started witnessing some signs of labor with Bruna.  It was slow going for a while, but a couple of hours later she started into active labor – for about another hour – and then it was time to see what was going on.

She wasn’t pushing, and sometimes that can be a sign that the lamb is not presenting correctly.  It is the presence of the lamb in the birth canal that stimulates the pushing.  

When I checked, the feet were just below the pelvis…close, but no cigar.  So I gently pulled those feet up and Bruna and I got to work coaxing that little ram into the world.  Roy gave the final tug, which was quite substantial because Bruna is a maiden ewe and not as stretched out as she could be.

With him on the ground at about 12:15 we waited to see if there was a sibling.  Sure enough about an hour later there was another set of feet presenting, and with a slight tug we welcomed his sister into the world! 

Another happy family at Morning Star Meadows!


Final lamb tally, I think, (and I’m running on only about 3 hours of sleep!) is 7 ewes and 5 rams…all white except for the black and moorit ewes.


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