A new Kerlin family record!

500 Beauregard sweet potato slips left Steele Plant Company in Tennessee on Monday, bound for North Stonington, CT.  

UPS arrived with them today at 6:34pm, just after we had finished moving the sheep fencing in the front yard.  

We sprang into action, wanting to get them planted while it was cool and before the next couple of days of rain made a muddy mess in the garden.  Roy jumped on the tractor and attached the tiller and started tilling the unplanted part of the garden, while we prepared the mud bath for the plants and got the tools.  Three of us shoveled to make mounds, one layed out the plants, another poked planting holes at regular intervals, another placed plants in the holes, another put mud in the hole with the plant and then someone came along and planted them and packed the mounds — all while it began to shower lightly and as we watched the sun rapidly setting!  

Less than two hours from the arrival of the UPS truck we had 200 plants set in the ground!  The rest of the plants head over to Hurst Farm in Andover tomorrow!  

In between raindrops this weekend we’ll be planting tomatoes, peppers, squash, cukes, watermelon, cantaloupe and corn.  Phew!  Gotta love a 3 day weekend – especially since we got such a great head start this evening!

Wish I had some pictures of our escapades this evening, but there really wasn’t time!

Beautiful knitting!

We are so happy to post these photos of mittens  knitted from Molly and Daisy’s homespun yarn!  Thank you for sending them, Dennis!

Dennis gave the yarn that I spun last year to his mother, who was able to knit these beautiful mittens, and she still has enough yarn left to knit a scarf!

As part of her gift, Dennis will be bringing her to the farm for a visit!  Unfortunately she won’t be able to meet our dear Molly, whom we lost during lambing season this year.

But we are so pleased and honored that Molly’s legacy will live on in this handiwork!  Thank you, Mrs. Pelletier!

Image Image 1 Image 2

Sheep meet broiler chicks

The ewes and lambs knew it was their lucky day when they saw us moving their portable fencing this morning! 


They immediately start baaing incessantly, demanding to be turned out as soon as possible!  This time the lambs have something new to discover–the chicken tractor!  I’m waiting for one of them to test the weight limit of the top of the tractor by jumping on it! 

This area should be “mowed” in a couple of days!

Spring harvest!


Well, we’ve been picking dribs and drabs of asparagus for the past week, much of it not making it’s way to the house as we nibble on it walking back! But this harvest of baby spinach made it into the fridge just now! So excited, I’m not even sure how we’ll prepare it! It looks so yummy!

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