Feeling a bit impulsive…

Ever get lured by those end-cap items at the grocery store?

Psychologically speaking, those pretty items, wrapped in packages colored to stimulate the appetite, are called “impulse buys” when one (sorry, but usually one of the male “species) succumbs to their beckoning and brings them home to stock their pantry.

Well, the same impulse sometimes overtakes me in the garden.

I call it an “impulse pick.”

Impulse picks are MUCH healthier and cheaper than impulse buys.

Here’s what I mean…

Impulse buy:


Impulse pick:


Yep, those gorgeous Red Russian kale leaves were caling out to me as I passed them by after weeding tonight…”Kale chips…kale chips,” they called.  I just couldn’t help myself – I didn’t even have anything to put them in so I just loaded up my arms…

Now to try to fit them into my fridge!

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