This handsome boy and 50 of his day old friends joined Morning Star Meadows Farm yesterday!


We’re enjoying having chicks again – they are SO funny to watch! So many times someone heads down to the basement to check on them and they end up not coming back upstairs for the longest time because watching these little guys run around interacting is SO entertaining that it just captivates you and you lose track of time!

We’ve also been arranging for extra visitors – little ones just love to visit the baby bunnies and chicks, and a visit to our farm this time of year really makes you KNOW that spring is truly here!  (Of course all of the mud out there helps, too!)

And speaking of bunnies, those critters are getting bigger…and dare I say even more cute!!  They’ll be ready for their new families in a week or so!  Please email us if you might be interested in making one or more part of YOUR family!  They are very well socialized – they love people and love being handled…super friendly and all healthy!

Oh – and did I mention that they are also SUPER-photogenic camera hogs?!  Don’tcha just wanna cuddle one RIGHT NOW!?

DSC02411 DSC02421 DSC02400 DSC02395 DSC02393 DSC02392

We’ve had quite a busy weekend.  Since our garden area is a bit of a swamp still, Roy and I worked in the pasture.  Our horsey “neigh”-bors (sorry, couldn’t resist!) were happy kind enough to give us copious amounts of composted horse manure last fall that we’ve been wanting to use to top-dress parts of our pasture.  Saturday Roy and I played dueling tractors – he made a dent in the top of the mound (akin to making a gravy puddle in your pile of mashed potatoes) with his tractor, and I dropped in lime and nitrogen with mine.  Then we got on either side and used our buckets to mix these throughout the manure as well as we were able.  After that, we went to work spreading it, then hand seeded it and covered it with hay for protection from the birds and to keep the moisture in until it germinates.  Sure wish we had a video of the two of us out there on our “his” and “her” tractors!  I don’t know which of us was having more fun!

Anyway…time to call it a night, just like these little guys have…

Sweet dreams



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