Everything’s growing!





New life is everywhere…already starting the age-old battle with the weeds!


















purple basil,




and dill.



Potatoes are just sprouting, as are the Italian beans.  No sign of our favorite green beans – hoping we didn’t plant them too early!

We’ve been chowing down on asparagus as it pops up – it’s so good even raw right out of the garden!

LOADS of blossoms on the strawberries!  The garlic is shooting up tall from last fall’s planting.

The kale looks great – as does the Swiss Chard.  Pepper plants are forming buds.  Tomato plants went in yesterday – red plum and San Marzano for sauce, grape and sungold for snacking in the garden, beef master and supersonics, and heirlooms — Mortgage lifter, Anonas Noire, Black Krim, Costoluto Genovese, and good old Mr. Stripey!

I’m getting hungry just thinking about tomatoes and basil!

Going to color things up this year in our salads with the purple basil, green, red, and purple peppers, purple carrots, and a few different colors of tomatoes!!

The holiday weekend will find us busy planting the rest of the veggies…corn, summer squash, sweet potatoes, watermelon, cantaloupe, winter squash, and more carrots, kale, and beans!

FEEL the freshness

Spring has sprung!

Gorgeous, lengthening days give way to spending more time outside!

Cozy days in front of the woodstove are over, and we’re ready to get back outside to work and play!

And, just in time for that, we have a beautiful refurbished deck from which to view the blessings of our farm!

DSC05433 copy


Despite torrential downpours that began the day after planting tiny seeds that we thought were sure to wash away, we are so happy and grateful that we got germination!




The peas are popping…



It is amazing to see the strength of a new plant, determined to push from below the earth to find light…




And the asparagus ascends!





Along with that, the spinach and chard are sending forth their first leaves, and the onions are rooting!  So far, so good!

Potatoes are planted, too – and yesterday we put in a long row of green beans.

We are so looking forward to fresh, home grown vegetables!


And with the weather so warm yesterday, and the nights less chilled, it was time to send these month-old boys out to pasture.  It’s always so funny to see their reaction to grass and bugs!  Once they realize that it’s not such a scary place, they start to really enjoy it – basking in the sun and chasing at anything that moves!


The days are growing longer…laundry blows on the line, drying so quickly with the low humidity…

Spring is such a special time – but it was so late making its official climactic arrival this year that it was welcomed even more than ever – and will be gone before we know it!

Enjoy it while you can!

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