Garden’s going gangbusters!



The garden has been one of our most successful to date this year.  We are so blessed!  Look at this gorgeous carnival squash – just a dressed up version of standard acorn squash.  Five of these beauties are going into the oven for our dinner tonight!

Below is one of our Argonaut Butternut squashes.  These babies have an awesome squash to seed ratio.  They weigh sometimes 8 to 10 pounds each and store well.  They’ll be ready when they reach that butternut squash golden color.




The leeks are ready for picking — luckily they will wait for us in the ground until that first potato leek soup of the season!



Grape tomatoes keep on coming!



The watermelon are almost ready.  This year we planted Orange Krush – yes, orange fleshed watermelon that are very sweet and tasty – at least that’s what the seed sellers said!  I can’t believe how big they are!





The nasturtium are beautiful!  They look good just growing in the garden or garnishing a plate and make a nice peppery taste in salads.



On the edge of our property we have a nice crop of Concord grapes ripening.  I’m hopeful for putting up lots of jam this fall!



Another jam crop – if we can keep from eating them as they ripen!  These are husk cherries.  To me they taste like bananas.  They’re quite unique and supposedly make interesting jam.



Next on our menu – we’ll give it a day or two to finish ripening on the counter.  The cantaloupe are beautiful this year!  I’ve learned not to let them ripen totally on the vine, otherwise we end up having to share them with garden critters who nibble their way in if we don’t get there first!
DSC00085Happy harvesting!


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