Spring… and Boomer have sprung!

It’s looking green and lush around here, and even though we saw a few snowflakes around today (still can’t believe it!), I think spring is truly here.  The sheep are shorn, and the tiller is attached to the tractor and ready to head into the garden this weekend.  Seed potatoes are cut and curing, waiting for their spot in the garden.  We’ll hopefully sow lettuce, peas, spinach, and some other early crops on Saturday as well.

I guess everyone around here is happy to see the snow finally gone from the pastures, and things seem to get greener each day.   It’s truly a lovely time of year.

Not sure if all of the sheep are quite as happy as Boomer seemed this evening – maybe they’re just shy.  Boomer, on the other hand, made his feelings of giddiness quite obvious and entertained us just before we sat down to dinner tonight.  At first I thought there was something really wrong with him, but he is Boomer, after all – the nick-name for a male red kangaroo Downunder.  Not jumping quite like a roo, though, but pretty acrobatic for a fat little ram!

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