Hummers in slow mo!

In addition to our farm critters and pets, we’re house-sitting for neighbors.  Usually we just take care of their cats and plants, but this time of year it’s prime hummingbird season!  This swarm of hummers polishes off 4 cups of homemade hummingbird food a DAY!  If you watch closely you’ll see two different hummers come to the feeder opposite each other that are bigger and have white tipped tails.  I believe they are female Rufous hummingbirds, and they sure do intimidate the native Ruby Throated clan!

This looks fun!

As a big Knifty Knitter loom fan, this finger knitting technique caught my attention.  It’s the same principle, but you’re using your fingers as the loom.  It’s a lot more limiting as to the width of your final project, and not easy to put down and pick up again a few hours later, obviously!  I just love the whole minimalist concept – and it would work well with our bulky yarn!  Anyone need a yarn belt or really skinny scarf?!  :  )

Spin a sheep



Lots of folks ask us how much yarn you can get from one Icelandic sheep’s fleece.

Well, that depends on a lot of things, but our fluffy, white Matilda spun up beautifully into these 6 skeins after skirting last fall.

I love handspan yarn!




Time to mow the front yard!

Takes a little work to get up the portable fences, but seeing how happy the ewes are when they see that field of green is SO worth it!  Love how the younger ones literally leap at the last part of the trail to the front yard…You can hear the rams protesting that they aren’t in on the fun!

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