7 comments on “Contact us

  1. Luis and Sheila Alonso says:

    Dear Roy and Robin: Many thanks for a wonderful morning on your outstanding farm. We loved everything about our visit-the locale, the animals, but most of all your lovely family. You all made us feel “right to home” and we would be most grateful if we would be allowed to visit again!
    Sheila and Luis Alonso sheilaalonso@aol.com

  2. We are so pleased that you stopped by – it was an absolute pleasure meeting you both and sharing with you what we love so much! We hope you do visit again, and look forward to seeing your handiwork with the yarn, Sheila!

  3. Patricia Weppelman says:

    Beautiful sheep!

  4. Susan Ackerman says:

    When will the next fleeces be ready for purchase? I am a new spinner and in love with Icelandic sheep and don’t want to miss the next chance to get a fleece.

    • Hi Susan! I can understand your enthusiasm, as I am enjoying spinning it, too! We will be shearing next month – however our spring fleeces aren’t as nice as the fall ones, as the sheep have a natural wool break this time of year which results in some matting of the thel, plus there is more vegetative matter in the apring fleeces after they’ve stuffed their heads in the hay all winter and used each others’ backs as placemats!! We’ll see how they look after shearing, and will update the site at that time…the best fleeces by far are the fall ones. Our fall shearing is usually in October. I do have some of Drover’s fall fleece still available if you would like to try it out. I’ve been spinning it from the lock the past couple of days. Just email if you’re interested! morningstarmeadows@att.net

  5. Don says:

    Hello I am interested in a couple lambs to raise this Spring

    • Hi Don – unfortunately we did not breed for spring lambs. We are actually in the process of dispersing our flock as we will be moving with in the next year. We have 3 breedable ewes available, as well as one ram. Let us know if you might be interested in adult animals, otherwise I’m sorry we can’t help you! Take care,Robin

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