Our Ewes

Our ewes are a treasure to us!  We have started our flock with 5 ewes of various ages.  Presently we have 6 breeding ewes for the upcoming 2012-2013 season.

Hyperlinks take you to each individual ewe’s pedigree data.

Millie is our eldest.  She was born 4/25/2003, and has given birth 6 times, 3 times to twins!  She was a matriarch of the Jager Farm flock, much loved by Barbara and her family, and affectionately called “Ma.”  She is a Solee daughter and Heli great-granddaugther.  She carries solid and spotting and may be homozygous for moorit.  She is homozygous for the horned gene.  She has excellent parasite resistance, requiring no worming last summer.   Her Grimur son took Grand Champion Icelandic ram at MFF 2007, and went on to take all-breed Supreme Champion Ram!  She has very silky, heavilyi pigmented (phaeomelanin) fleece that always is in demand by spinners, and has passed this on to her offspring.  She gave us twins with Clancy in 2011, and was given a year off for 2012.  She birthed gorgeous twin ewes by Boomer for 2013 – white and solid moorit of mixed horned genetics.  We now know for sure that Boomer carries the moorit gene!  She is a doting, seasoned mother and doesn’t seem quite complete without lambs at her side!


Molly was our oldest grey ewe, born 4/20/2008.  It was with great sadness that we had to say goodbye to her in April of this year.  Molly died lambing a large spotted ram by Boomer, which we also lost.  We did learn from this breeding that Boomer carries the gene for spotting.  She was an AI ewe from Jager Farm out of Blettur.  She was a beautiful big girl with a deer-like countenance.  She was most likely homozygous grey in the black color with heavy tan pigmentation (contributing to her deer-look).  She carried spotting and may have carried moorit.  She was an excellent mother, bearing a single for 2010, grey spotted twins (Laverne and Shirley) in 2011 by Monty, and a huge singelton ewe, Freyja, in 2012 by Boomer.  Molly will be greatly missed, but we are happy to have 2 of her daughters still with us.


And lastly from our starter flock, Roxanne, born 4/23/2010.   Millie is Roxanne’s “aunt”. We are told that her mother, Magda, was a great ewe.  Magda and Millie’s mother, Solee, was one of Jager Farm’s matriarchs – a favorite of theirs.  Roxanne did a great job as a yearling mom with Esther, her singleton by Clancy.  In 2012 she was bred to Clancy’s son, Drover, and produced nice white horned twins, ewe (Drifa) and ram (Einar),with a repeat performance for 2013 giving birth to Luigi and Lisa, also white, horned twins by Drover, to which she has been an excellent young mother.  She is homozygous for the horned gene.

Our yearlings have become first time mothers this year, all birthing twins!

Shirley is a twin out of Molly by Monty.  She’s a big and bold girl with lots of nicely contrasted grey fleece.  She’s polled with horned genetics in her ancestory.  She has a very sweet disposition.  In 2013 she birthed, completely unassisted, twin white ewe lambs by Drover.  She’s been a very milky ewe and has had excellent maternal qualities.


Bruna is a total sweetheart.  She’s Boomer’s twin out of Bindi by Monty.  Carrying recessive moorit genetics, she has a beautiful brown and white fleece.  She is polled with horned genetics.  For 2013 she birthed white twins – a ram and a ewe by Drover.  The ewe is growing very nice horns, the ram is scurred.


Daisy was our first lamb born at Morning Star Meadows.  She’s a twin out of Matilda by Monty.  She’s a big girl with lush fleece, scurred with horned genetics.  She’s having a bad hair day in this picture!  Her fleece is so long it doesn’t take much to get messed up!  A very milky ewe like her dam, she birthed twin white ram lambs for 2013 by Drover.  Both Loki and Thor are thriving and growing quickly and solidly with heterozygous horns.


And lastly, Fatima — our “Mini Millie”.  She’s a twin sister of Drover, out of our beloved Millie by Clancy.  With fleece almost covering her legs, she’s gorgeous and resembles a youthful version of her mother with phaeomelanin highlights and light colored eyes.  We have high hopes for her to carry on Millie’s genetics.  In the pasture she’s almost inseparable from her mom.  For 2013 she gave us a solid black ewe and a white ram by Boomer.  Both lambs are thriving and beautiful like their dam.

5 Replies to “Our Ewes”

    1. Hi Dawn – we have sold or promised all available lambs from last year and have none available at this time. We hope to have a new crop available later next year, though! If you email us privately, we can try to connect you with another breeder. Icelandic lambs are usually born between now and late April and are usually available at the age of 4 to 5 months.

  1. We are out of an organic farm in the Boston area looking into the Icelandic breed. Do you know of any bred ewes available at this time?

    1. You can check out local breeders on the breeders list at isbona.com – however for some reason the site seems to be down at the moment! In the meantime, I’ve made some inquiries to our Icelandic yahoo and Facebook groups on your behalf! I assume you’re requiring organically raised ewes?

    2. Just got this from a farm in Vermont:

      Robin, I will not have bred ewes for sale this fall, but will be selling certified organic ewes and rams next summer. You can pass along my contact information if you wish.


      Kathy Taft Boyden
      Kind Horn Farm
      1920 Dowsville Road
      South Duxbury, VT 05660

      Registered Icelandic Breedstock, AI & Farm Bred

      *Certified Organic Breedstock
      *Certified Organic Fiber
      *Certified Organic Grassfed Lamb

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