Our first hank of yarn!

What’s a hank?  And what’s a Niddy Noddy?  A skein??


Yes, we’re making yarn now, so there is lots of new terminology to learn!


The other day you saw our post showing a bobbin full of newly spun white yarn.  This yarn, because I’m such a newbie, is thick and single ply.  Single ply means that it is one strand of yarn.  To make double ply yarn I would have spun 2 strands of (much thinner) yarn seperately and then plied them together, spinning them and twisting them in the opposite direction to which they were originally spun individually.


We left this yarn on the bobbin overnight to set the twist.  The following day we looked into purchasing a Niddy Noddy.  I really have to some time look up the derivation of this term, but for now just believe me that a Niddy Noddy is a device used to skein yarn so that it can be more easily handled for storing, knitting or dyeing.  Depending on the size of the niddy noddy, you can know how many yards of yarn by how many loops around the noddy you make.


Looking around the internet we found Niddy Noddys (ies?) to range in price from $20 to $50, depending on the type of wood, stain and design.  And then we found the “Yankee Farmer” version of a Niddy Noddy, and $7.69 later, after a couple of angle grinder cuts, we had our very own PVC Niddy Noddy!  


We actually made it adjustable, with 2 shafts so that we could make it a 1 yard or 2 yard noddy.  Today I wrapped the white yarn onto the new Niddy Noddy (say that 3 times fast!).  Cool!




Next step is to make the hank of yarn.  A hank of yarn is, which, from what I can see, another name for a skein.  The yarn is taken off of the niddy noddy, forming a big loop, and then that loop is twisted from both ends and then folded over, twisted, and then one end is put through the loop at the other end.  





One Reply to “Our first hank of yarn!”

  1. Nicely done! After the dust settles for my newspaper deadline, I’ll have to send you a photo and measurements for the wood niddy noddy Erich made for me. Working with beautiful tools makes craft work extra satisfying, but then again, so does thrify and ingenuity!

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