Sheep play Marco Polo?!

All shepherds know the sound of lambs and ewes calling to each other.

When the lambs are young, the calling is brief, as they rarely stray far from each other.

But as the lambs become more adventurous, the time of calling back and forth can seem quite drawn out and lengthy.

At first this sometimes frantic calling back and forth really bothered me — I’d listen and try to be patient, but was SURE they would never find each other unless I ran out to reunite them!

As time went on, I learned that I rarely had to intervene…and it was only if the lamb’s frantic calling seemed to always come from the same place that it might mean the lamb was stuck or in some other sort of mischief. But generally if the ewe’s and lamb’s voices continue to come from varying directions, they’re usually on the right track to finding each other.

Lately we’ve had some foggy mornings, and I began to know when it was foggy outside while still in bed with my eyes closed by listening to the sheep!

Quiet sheep – no fog. Noisy sheep – fog, because they can’t see each other and have to locate each other by sound!

The past few mornings I’ve been laying there listening to them and smiling to myself, thinking it’s as if they’re playing a game of “Marco Polo” in the fog!

Now the ewes and lambs are in an overgrown pasture, and the ewes are having to deal with “lamboflage!”


I was down with them the other day and videotaped them and put together this video, imagining I can translate their cries to each other…

Forgive my poor editing — my first time adding annotations! I think you’ll get the idea, though! Enjoy!

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