What’s in a name?

We’re working on some names for our lambs these days as we patiently wait with Millie for her lambing day…

Looks like I lost the Lily vs. Daisy contest with Matilda’s lamb, who seems to be a favorite around here because she’s so people-friendly after we spent 3 nights with her when she was born! Even though we got a couple of votes for Lily, it was too little, too late. Everyone’s been calling her Daisy in the meantime, and I just have to concede.


Of course when our second white ewe lamb was born, everyone was happy to let me call it Lily, but they just didn’t get it! THAT lamb wasn’t born Easter weekend! It would be crazy to call it Lily! Since this lamb was Roxanne’s first lamb, and since Roxanne was named after Granddad’s favorite name, from the story of Cyrano, we asked Granddad for a name for her. At the time, eldest daughter was writing a paper comparing Queen Esther to the Blessed Virgin Mary. She had sent the paper to Granddad for critiquing, and he said, “Why not call her Esther?”


I’ve been thinking of chocolaty names for this little sweetie, but then started thinking words for “brown.” I settled upon the Icelandic name for brown, Brúna!


As for this little boy, we’re not sure about naming him. We had previously decided not to name ram lambs because we’re not sure they’ll be staying in the flock.. He’s so gorgeous, though…


Then we have these two, whom I’ve nicknamed the “troublemakers.” They always seem up to something, if they’re not catapulting themselves off Mom’s back, they’re racing around waking up the others to play!


The girls keep thinking of names, but so far nothing has really stuck. They are so alike in their markings, that it would be cute to name them something that goes together, like Laverne and Shirley! Any ideas? Leave a comment!

And so we wait for Millie to give us perhaps 2 more lambs to name! Her next due date, assuming she was bred on her third heat cycle (maybe Clancy wasn’t tall enough to breed her until then??), would be May 14-16…this weekend! Her udder is pinker and fuller, so maybe this time we’ll be right!

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