Kerlin Kids winter project

What do Kerlin kids do for fun in their spare time?


Well, their absolute favorite thing to do is to dress up in costumes and role play, but when they have tired of that they get ideas.


Two of the boys were inspired with a bright idea.  


A couple of weeks ago they asked to borrow the branch loppers and a little saw.  I said it was ok, after clearing a maximum-tree-diameter chop-down-limit.   They were all smiles as they headed on down into the woods, and they told me how surprised Daddy and I would be when we found out what they were doing.  


I have to say I was a tad bit worried…


Their plan for a surprise came to an end last weekend when they let the cat out of the bag.


We’ve been doing a bit of hiking this fall/winter in North Stonington, with the winter being so mild, so I guess that seeing all of these nice hiking trails inspired them to try to create one in our own backyard!


So today eldest daughter went down to snap some photos.  I begged her to write this blog, but I couldn’t convince her to.  Of course I had to give her a bit of a break, because while she was down there snapping photos, she had baking in our oven the most awesome peach cobbler, and she won’t let me have any if I’m mean to her.  (just kidding — she will have no choice!)


We’ve started a road down there.  Eventually we hope to expand our pasture back into our 6 or so acres of hardwood forest.  It will be a wooded pasture, which the sheep will adore since Icelandics love to browse like goats and they also love shade on a hot summer day.


The path will begin from the road and cross over the old stone fence that crosses our property.




They decided to incorporate this fallen tree as a bridge over a gully.  Cool!




It goes past the old tree stand that was here when we moved in.




And past the hollow tree that, from the interior view below looks as if it’s ready to fall down in the next big wind storm!



It’s an awfully big tree.  I hope no one is hiking during the next big wind storm!




And then we come to the creek.  I do believe the the whole aim of this path is to have a quick way to get to this creek on some hot summer afternoons.  


I do predict muddy, happy kids walking up from here some hot summer afternoon.




And here was a surprise.  Oldest daughter was just remarking about
how they could make the path a bit scarier, when she practically stepped on this, lying near the creek!




Of course the skull and an assortment of bones are now in my garage awaiting some use…guess that will be their NEXT project!


One of the boys was already testing his artistic ability by posing the skull for this shot!




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