A time to spin…

Why is it that this quiet time of year on the farm corresponds to the time when we most need the exercise because it’s full of holiday meals and comfort food?!

Yes, the gardens are resting and for the most part, so are we.  Carrots, parsnips and garlic lay dormant, waiting for the spring.  The pastures, too, lay dormant, and have turned an unimpressive yellow brown.


The ewes seem to be bred, lying patiently, chewing their cud, unaware of the life growing within.


The rams are settling down a bit, seemingly content that they have done their job.  


The sheep, eating their hay mechanically, for the most part are deprived of one of their favorite pastimes, grazing lush pastures.  They seem idle and bored.


The hens are pecking around, looking for the few insects that have survived the hard frosts we’ve had.  They are stingy with their eggs these days.


Yes, the days are short and the farmer now has less hours to accomplish tasks of repairing and building in preparation for the springtime.  The evenings are quiet and darkness bids us to earlier bedtimes.  


But my new hobby has kept  me up late the last couple of nights!  Unlike farmers of days gone by, we have the advantage of electric light at night, and so we artificially extend our days — and my days have been extended by spinning!


No – not the kind that has me madly peddling a stationary bike, burning off those pumpkin pie calories– I’m pedaling a Louet single treadle spinning wheel.  




With Millie and Daisy as my not so willing accomplices (when they gave up their wool for us last spring), I’ve spun our first white 2 ply yarn…and it’s already spoken for!



It is so nice to have these quiet winter months to try to learn something new while I have a bit more time.  I’m already starting to eye up some of our fleeces from this fall, so all I can say is that if you’ve been thinking about buying one from us to spin yourself, you’d better be quick! Word on the street is that a drum carder may be coming our way this Christmas!

I only wish I could burn off some of these winter calories in the process!



One Reply to “A time to spin…”

  1. I’m so glad that you are pleased with the yarn, Dennis! I can’t wait to see (and hopefully post photos here of) your mother’s handiwork! A very blessed Christmas to you and yours!

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